The NYC based artist for years has focused on abstract drawings that have been viewed in various venues.   Now the focus is setting trends with beautiful people as his canvas.



I've followed your artwork on insta and at your shows. I love it! Now I already own 3 pairs of sneakers and a duffel with the designs.  I love them all because they pop like the original art. Nice work!

Samantha - New York, NY

I received my duffel bag for a trip to Miami. OMG! Everyone is asking me where I got it. I get stopped by strangers! Insane! This is very new, different and affordable. I love it. Thank you!

Kristen - Paramus, NJ

Wow! I'm feeling the designs. I collect sneakers and will need a 2nd job to support the habit. I'm 3 pairs in already. One thing - don't lose sight of the art.  That's what makes this dope!

Mike - Staten Island, NY